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We are a corporation that was born from the need to explore, test and innovate alternatives for the management of patients, taking advantage of the wealth of natural resources of our country, favorable climatic conditions, the diversity of our geography, our culture and creative capacity in the development of therapeutic alternatives.  We provide management options in the different scenarios that health personnel are faced with, with qualified human resources, with good practices in the different processes, with high ethical and legal standards, promoting the development of our country, the growth of different interest groups, with social and business responsibility.


We are a company in the agro-industrial sector dedicated to the planting, cultivation, production and processing of psychoactive and non-psychoactive Cannabis products with high quality standards, we encourage the development of our collaborators, we have a competent human resource, with social and business responsibility, We take care of the environment, we follow the current regulations for the generation of products for medicinal use.


Become leaders at the national level for the generation of high-quality Cannabis products, promoting business development in Colombia.

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