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We have an automated irrigation system, configurable by times or volumes, according to the phenology of the plants, and adjustable fertilization formulas.


Medical cannabis production system, under semi-controlled climatic conditions, to increase productivity and flower yield, ensuring high quality standards.


Drying room with pharmaceutical compliance standards, with controlled conditions of light, humidity and temperature.

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International Health Corporation's flower meets the highest pharmaceutical quality standards.

Cannabis dried flower packaging process, under vacuum conditions in a metal package to avoid contact with light and maintain the quality of the flower.

Evidenced in laboratory analyzes where it is certified that the material is free of pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins, with approximate percentages of 20% CBD and less than 1% THC.


Trained personnel for cultivation work.


Personnel belonging to the postharvest.


Operative staff trained in carrying out post-harvest activities, including manicure, stripping and drying of the flower.


Irrigation and fertilization supervisor. Application of fertilizers in aqueous solution, through the irrigation system, which allows optimizing the production and quality of the crop.


Operational personnel carrying out routine tasks within the crop, within this space activities related to planting, growth and development of the plant, pest and disease control are carried out.

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